National and International invited Keynotes and Public Lectures (since 2000)

  • Hidden Histories and Storying Place, symposium on the work of Ingrid Pollard to coincide with her solo retrospective, Cardon Slowly Turning. Milton Keynes: MK Gallery, 2022.
  • Critical Environments: photography as an agent for change, University of North Texas, Denton, 2022; Zagreb: Croatian Institute for Art History, 2022; Budapest: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. 2021
  • In Conversation with Mark Sealy, keynote event, Society for Photographic Education, Houston, USA, 2020.
  • Thinking (through) Photography, IN-site symposium: Critical Lens, Preston, 2019
  • Sensing Nature: Photography and Environmental Arts. The Rooms Museum and Gallery, St John’s Newfoundland. 2019.
  • Photography and Ecology: Re-framing Fields of Vision, Concordia University, Montreal, 2019.
  • Reframing Fields of Vision: from ‘pencil of nature’ to environmental futures. Ryerson University, Toronto, 2019; Paul Mellon Centre for British Art (Yale University), London, 2019.
  • Critical Environments: Photography, Investigation and Mediation. ESHPh, Vienna, 2019; John Hopkins University, Washington DC, 2018.
  • Materiality: Making, Meaning and Mutability, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2018.
  • The Work of Andreas Gursky, guided exhibition tour, Hayward Gallery, London, 2019.
  • Critical Landscapes: Aesthetics, Topography and Environment, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, 2018.
  • Modes of Intervention –on writing and curating (photography), University of Gothenburg, 2017.
  • On visual literacy, criticality and photo education, Valencia, conference on photo pedagogy.
  • Hidden Histories and Landscape Enigmas, Nida, Lithuanian Photographers, Association, 2017; Berlin, Humboldt University., 2017
  • Manufactured Landscapes, Chobi Mela (picture festival) Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2017.
  • Nordic Light, Lands and Landscape, Photographic Modes of Investigation, Northern Light conference, Sheffield Hallam University,
  • Image as Agent: place, materiality and the photographic. PhotoMedia 3, Helsinki,
  • Women in Photography Now and then, Women in Photography, Tate Modern, 2015.
  • Aesthetics, rhetoric, and the single landscape image, The Low Countries Imagined, conference, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague,
  • Women, Land and Landscape – 20 years on. Conference: Ways of Knowing, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore,
  • Sense of Place, Aalto University, Helsinki, 2014.
  • Photography and Environment, University of Gothenburg study day, 2013.
  • Folding and Faulting: – on photography and contemporary currencies of the sublime, University of Gothenburg, and Hasselblad Foundation (photography study event),
  • Topographic Narratives – Photography and Landscape Research, Texas Technical University, 2011; Cyprus: International conference of Photography and Theory- keynote, 2010; Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, 2010.
  • Photography and Environmental Change, Society for Photographic Education Annual       National Conference, Denver, USA – featured speaker, 2008.
  • Photography Journals and Magazines, MuVIM, Valencia, 2008.
  • Image and Memory, Photography Festival, Malmo, 2007; Fotoguanajuato, photography festival, Mexico, 2006;
  • Land, Landscape and Environment – British Photography Now, Russian Centre for Photography, St Petersburg, 2006.
  • Image…Memory…Identity, SHIFTS IPRN conference, Jyvaskyla, Finland, 2006.
  • What is a Photomuseum? symposium, Horten, Oslo, 2005.
  • Jorma Puranen, Chobi Mela Photography Festival, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2004.
  • Thinking about Photographs, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway; and University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland, 2003.
  • In-Between: Women and Landscape, University of Wales, Caerleon, 2002.
  • Women and Landscape, University of Miami, USA, 2001.

    Selected peer reviewed International Conference Papers (since 2000) :

    • Environmental Photography: Seeds and Sustainability, SPE, Houston, USA, 2020.
    • Hidden Histories and Landscape Enigmas, IAPT, Cyprus, 2018; Nida, Lithuania, 2017.
    • Beyond the Document – Photography, Video and Antarctica, Society for Photographic Education, Annual National Conference, New Orleans, USA, 2015.
    • Marlboro Women: investigations of place and environment, NY: College Art Assoc.
    • Revisiting Photography as Art, European Soc. for the History of Photography, Vienna, 2008.
    • Landscape, Geography, Topography, Society for Photographic Education, Chicago, 2006.
    • Facing East: contemporary landscape photography from Baltic areas, SPE, Newport, 2004.
    • 21st Century Cave Paintings, Online as Archive, zonezero, Mexico City, Mexico, 2003.
    • In-Between: Women and Landscape, ESHPh, Maastricht, Holland, 2002.
    • What do students need to know about photography? Society for Photographic Education, Annual National Conference, Savannah GA, USA, 2001.
    • Research in Photo/Digital, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 2000.

    Talks related to my recent exhibition include :

    • Environmental photography: Seeds and Sustainability, Glasgow School of Art, 2021, online.
    • Seedscapes: botanical photography, historically and now, MA Photography, University of Plymouth, 2021, online; U3A Exmouth, 2021, online.

    Places, Paths and Pauses, Marlene Creates, a retrospective.
    The Rooms Museum and Art Gallery, St John’s, Newfoundland, 2019.
    © Marlene Creates

    Malmo Photography Festival, Sweden, 2007
    Preston, UK, November 2019